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Nancy Selleck
03-03-2005, 01:16 PM
The Refund/Cancellation Policy has been revised, effective immediately.

The new policy replaces Section 3.5 in the 2005 CMRA Rulebook:

3.5 Refunds
There are no refunds for rain or weather provided that the Race Director does not cancel the race event.

Pre-Entry Refunds:
Requests must be made in writing. The request must be received prior to any on-track activity on the day of the race(s) in question. Pre-entry refund requests made directly to the CMRA office must be faxed or emailed. Pre-entry refund requests made at the track must be done using the proper form available at Registration. Refunds will be made in the form of payment equal to 100% of the entry fees, less a $10.00 administrative fee. Refunds will not be accepted by phone.

At-Track Entry Refunds:
a) Refund request must be made using the proper form available at Registration and must be received before the end of practice. Refunds will be made in the form of payment equal to 75% of entry fees, less a $10.00 administrative fee and $10 post-entry fee.
b) No refund without pink entry receipt
c) No refunds after practice
d) No rain refunds
e) At-track entry fee non-refundable
f) No refunds will be issued at the track. All refunds will be made from the CMRA office in the form of the original payment.
g) Riders who do not claim their entry nor make a proper cancellation will forfeit their entry fees.
h) Refund requests will not be accepted after the conclusion of the race weekend.

At-Track Refund Request Procedure:
1. Bring pink entry receipt to Registration
2. Fill out Refund Request Form
3. Make request prior to the end of practice

Nancy Selleck
03-03-2005, 01:22 PM
There are 2 basic changes to the policy.

1. Pre-entered riders can now request a refund right up until the first on-track activity of the day. So, for example, if you sent in a pre-entry for Sunday sprints and had a crash in Saturday endurance, you can request a refund for Sunday any time before on-track activity begins on Sunday morning. On-track activity is defined as bikes on the track.

2. Riders who choose to do their entries at the track will now receive 75% of their entry fees refunded less a $10 admin fee and any at-track post-entry fees. Requests must be made before the end of practice on the day of the race. So, for example, if you have a mechanical problem during practice on Sunday morning, if you cancel prior to the end of practice, you'll receive 75% back less $20.

03-03-2005, 05:41 PM
Aww man... My engine had to blow up at the one race of the year where you get 50% off that sucks...

Hopefully I won't need anymore refunds this year.

Nancy, thanks for your hard work!!