View Full Version : Oak Hill & Mike Sanchez

06-08-2003, 09:02 AM
I was at OHR this Sat, I got to see the Tyler folks , Todd, Noah ,Chris and lets not forget Seth. And I got to meet some new people. Gabe , Mike Sanchez & Friends were there. I was riding my usual speed (slow) ,not able to get very close to my personal best lap time, I was looking to match or beat my old time , but the harder I tried the slower I went (trying to hard I guess). In one of my sessions I got out there with Mike, he was towing one of the other guys, and I got behind them, well that guy went back to the pit , and that left me behind Mike, I was hoping Mike would be gracious enough to show me some lines, and thats exactly what he did. I have never gone so fast at OHR,I broke my best lap time by quite a bit but, more than that every lap with Mike broke my record and seemed easy. Mike would show me the speed and the line through a turn and then slow a bit in the middle of the straight section to let me catch up. IMHO there is no better way to become a better and faster Roadracer than with someone up front showing you the way, this was not the first time Mike has done this for me. Thank You Mike, you helping me Sat means more to me than you can know.I have lapped OHR track a lot in 2002 ( my first year racing) and sometimes I think how can I go any faster, but just 7 or 8 laps behind you and Iam doing lap times I would not have thought possible for me. And Gabe I thank you too , you and your brother make a hell of team. I wish you both the best in the future. Steve

Joseph Browning
06-09-2003, 09:10 AM
that's great man- and you have a good person helping you. Mike is really good about getting on your level and talking to you in a way that you can understand it. Not many people can help someone who is running 30 seconds or 3 seconds a lap slower than they are- but Mike can.

The most I've ever progressed was when Craig, Breeno and Orchard were at McBain's school. Having that personal attention and someone who knows what they are talking about makes all the difference. It's not just some commentary about how to ride fast- it's personalized and custom information...
That's awesome about your lap record! Congrats!