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Kevin Mays
06-17-2003, 10:29 AM
I just wanted to thank everyone for a great weekend of racing. I had a good time considering the weather was trying not to cooperate with us on Sunday. Thanks again Scott at GMD Computrack for helping out with the bike and keeping it setup good all weekend. Also to my guys who ran the endurance with me Shannon Ball you rode awesome on saturday and thanks for all your help getting the bike ready for Sunday Sprints. Eric Kancir you are great rider and big help over the past 2 years in helping me out with the endurance series and helping me out with the bike in a number of ways. Also a special thanks to Boris from North Texas Yamaha for supplying with a trailer and helping me out in the pits all weekend. Thanks alot to CMRA and everyone who put on the race.
Thanks Again,
GMD Computrack
EBC Brakes
North Texas Yamaha
EK Motorsports
John Mays Jewelers
Larry's Paint and Body

Thanks again
Kevin "KDUB" Mays
#95 North Texas Yamaha Endurance Team

Eric Kancir
06-17-2003, 03:55 PM
Thanks Poopy.......had a great time.....thanks for letting me ride!!!!!!!!! I always have a great time riding with you and Ball.