View Full Version : Follow-up on SMD/Phillip Ramirez

marcus mcbain
06-18-2003, 09:51 PM
Well, I just got off the phone with David Hirsh. He confirmed that the motor in my motorcycle is stolen. I am making arrangements to get this motor to the detective in charge of the original theft. This was a great disappointment for several reasons. Money would for many be the primary reason (and really it is for the most part as money is tight for me too). The real disappointment is another person involved in the road racing community is associated with criminal activity. I personally have always believed the vast majority of racers tend to be the most honest people you can find. You can leave thousands of dollars in motorcycles and tools in the pits and count on the fact that the hundreds of racers in the pits respect your property.

With all that said, it also is disappointing that Phillip is involved in what has happened. I have known many thieves. In the area of Houston I grew up in (Galena Park), it was not uncommon for the cops to come into our classrooms and arrest kids for armed robbery, grand theft, or any assortment of larceny crimes. In fact, I often thought I could pick out someone who was "shady". Typically they are always glad to sell you something at an obscene price, or talked big **** about deals they made. Phillip was not one of these people. I actually first met Phillip when he took my racing school. He was a great student and really sincerely enjoyed racing. I saw him doing a lot of business with CMRA racers and he seemed to be a hard working guy. I felt comfortable doing business with him and trusted him. Unfortunately, this situation is going to cost me about $1400.00 and I now have no motor for my motorcycle.

I do recommend the following for anyone who is buying a motor (On top of getting a hardcopy receipt).

1) Don't pay with cash, pay with PayPal/CC (This may be my recourse). Anyone who is reputable will have no problem with that as thieves love cash.

2) DEMAND AN ORIGINAL DEALER Bill of Sale w/VIN & EIN (NOTE: I had no problem providing that for the team that just bought my original motor).

Final thoughts. Some of you have tried to make some comments about Phillip and the name of his shop. Don't. Sounds weird, but I have been talking to Phillip's wife and she is trying very sincerely to ensure that all the paperwork is provided from where they bought the motor. I honestly think Phillip got caught up in some stuff that may not be his fault (including this motor). At the same time, I cannot ignore that I have a stolen piece of merchandise. I am trying to keep everyone aware of what is going on as MANY OF YOU count on my integrity when you ask me for help whether it be with riding schools, suspension, motor work, or any other items for that matter. I always want people to know I will do the honest thing even if it costs me money.

Again, this may sound strange, but I hope people will not start bashing Phillip or SMD GRFX. Give him a while and let the facts get sorted out and perhaps we may find out things are not what they appear to be.

Marcus McBain