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06-19-2003, 10:26 PM
I've been off all week so I have ALL kinds of time for last weekend to go through my head.

First off, I have to say it went pretty smooth considering the weather playing up. And I know there were a lot frazzled nerves. Including mine!
I give my appreciation to all the folks out there that made it happen.

7:40pm Friday (raining like hell)
Dropped my bike/equipment off at garage #2 and headed for a dry Motel 6.

7 am Saturday Morning (Sunshine)
When I got to the track it was still quite wet so I didn't even think about practicing considering the track was likely to dry out. No practice after the am because of the scheduled Endurance/GT races. I also talked to a fellow trusted amateur racer and he told me he didn't get much out of the practice session because of the track condition.

8am Sunday (wet weather/lightning)
I sat there wondering whether or not to go get rain tires and throw out another 300+ dollars so that I didn't compromise my or my fellow racers safety any further. I gambled against it.

9am-10am (wet weather/lightning)
I think practice was started while the track was still wet and a drizzle was coming down still. The race director decided on one round of practice for each group since we were already running behind schedule. I decided not to go out for wet amateur practice hearing that the conditions were forecasted to become clearer and the track was likely to dry out. It happened just so. I saw my sponsor fly in from KC and crash in a wet Expert practice on rain tires and end his day with a non-fixable bike so I was glad I didn't venture out on a brand new set of non scuffed DOT's.

Here is my question and I point out that it comes from a standpoint that I basically gave up my practice on a gamble and had to use my first race as my ONLY practice session all weekend.

When the race is called, do we like "the big boys" call it either a wet or dry race? When conditions improve or deteriorate during a racing situation, do we allow practice for those new conditions? Have we ever considered doing such a thing in the interest of safety?

For those who do read this, I'm apologize for being so long winded.

CMRA #123 out

Eric Kelcher
06-20-2003, 08:54 AM
When the race director calls a race wet then it is up to the riders to make proper call for tires. The call is made once in a day and if conditions become dry then wet again race/practice is not stopped. Official CCS procedure/rules.
Now the race director has the power to make a special practice session or modify the schedule as he sees fit in the interest of safety.

Steve Breen
06-20-2003, 09:05 AM
fwiw, I believe Walter called the event wet at the rider's meeting.

Bryan Norton
06-20-2003, 09:28 AM
It is no less "safe" to race on a wet track than a dry track. Exceeding a "safe" speed can be done whether wet or dry, obviously it is much easier to crash in the rain, but that does not make it unsafe.

Those who choose not to practice in the wet, are missing out. Riding in the rain is a skill which should be learned. Avoid it each time it rains, and you will never learn that skill.
I used to be paranoid of the rain. Then I saw someone blow by me on slicks one time. With the proper setup, you would be surprised how fast you can go in the rain. You must be very smooth. I know I only ride an 80, but I had a blast last year at Cresson in the rain, on slicks. The only crash we had was when the handgrip slid off the bars because it was not put on properly.

All riders race under the same conditions. Ok with the exception of those who can afford rain tires versus those who cannot. But as many people saw, the gamble on running rain tires is often a losing proposition here in Texas since the weather changes so quickly.