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Beckley Racing
07-15-2003, 09:50 AM
Ok here is our dilemma.

Scott Beckley #494 leathers are the wonderous technic's and had to be re-stiched.

The leather doctor in Dallas is finished with them and we are going to go pick them up this evening.

Scott is up in Illinios AMA dirt track racing at county fair 1/2 miles tonite East Moline (Tues) and tomorrow night at another track. He then will get to Hallet for Fridays practice and meet Marcus and Renata there who after honeymooning this week are getting his bike there.

The rest of the story is.. we are leaving on Thursday to produce a Monster Truck show in Des Moines and cannot meet Marcus cause we are going the wrong way.

What we are wondering is if we could get someone to take his leathers with them to Hallet for Friday practice?

Anyone got room for a box full of leathers and a few spare parts? We would appreciate the help.

No need to respond here if you don't want to - you can email us direct and we will call and discuss.
My email is ed@cfpracing.com

Beckley Racing
07-16-2003, 12:32 PM
Thanks guys!

John Orchard came to the rescue.
Appreciate all who either called or emailed us, you guys make me proud.

The Leather Hospital charged us 100 bux and re-stiched almost all of the seams as well as replaced a few places.