View Full Version : Thanks to Heritage Paint & Body team

Chris Headley
07-21-2003, 10:54 AM
After my first endurance stint, I got off the bike in a dazed and confused manner, saw that our team's fans weren't running and with the intense heat starting to overcome me, started to panic. I stripped off my leathers and made a mad dash to the first fan I saw, and almost puked, almost passed out, and was out of breath and generally dizzy for a period of time. The Heritage Paint & Body guys poured water over me, gave me cold rags, and really came to my rescue. Thanks guys.

Thanks also to Steve Breen and Jess Johnson who helped me through all that as well. Despite the heat and maladies, I enjoyed the weekend and the comraderie. When's the next race? /ubbthreads/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif

Louis Reinartz
07-21-2003, 11:35 AM
You are welcome. I hope you are feeling better,Glenn had a simular condition at the end of the race, to say it was hot is a understatement. Hats off to all the endured the heat of the weekend.