View Full Version : So just how hot was it in Hallett?

Chris Fields
07-21-2003, 05:57 PM
Heard a rumor that it was 108 in the shade, and at the time I had no reason to doubt it.

Just how hot did it get on Saturday?

Barron Houston
07-21-2003, 06:06 PM
I saw a digital thermometer that said 103 in the shade.....before I passed out.

07-21-2003, 08:50 PM
all i have to say is that it was to hot for me!! /ubbthreads/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif

David Hirsch
07-21-2003, 09:50 PM
My Pyrometer showed 108 on the line, 111 when the wind was not blowing under the tent. The asphault varied from 130 to 147 depending on the color of the asphault. Most of the tires were running around 200.

Jeff Sutton
07-21-2003, 11:14 PM
It was sooo hot, I saw a dog chasing a cat, and they were both walking!

Daniel Browning
07-22-2003, 12:43 AM
both mine and alan tan's digital thermometers went black.. to hot.. /ubbthreads/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif /ubbthreads/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif