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07-26-2003, 06:29 PM
Scotty Beckley #494 at the Mid Ohio AMA NATIONALS
had some good and some bad.

Large 40 to 50 bike grids with him starting at the rear every race.
Marus had him dialed in though, and they have something to be really proud of! They also have some cool hardware to display.

Thrusday after being gridded clear at the rear of all the Novices and Experts. Scott was setting an Expert to pass him and was running in the top 10 overall when an the guy cut him off and put him in a faceplant.

As Marucs got to the scene the Ambulance had the lights flashing on the way to the Emergency Room. They were being very cautious because they found Scotty had been knocked out and they wanted to check everything out. They hauled him off and spent about 4 hours at the hospital doing everything to him except a pregnancy test. He was ok but had a severe ear ache.. Then the next morning he woke up and a huge piece of dirt and grass came out of his ear.

The ear ache got better.

The marvels of medical science.

Wednesday results:
Lightweight Xtreme Novice
1. Robert Breeden, Suzuki SV650
2. Mark Biletnikoff, Suzuki SV650
3. Jerry Van Horn, Suzuki SV650
4. Scott Beckley, Suzuki SV650
5. Alan Rader, Suzuki SV650

Thursday results:
Heavyweight Twins Novice:
1. Bentley Squires, Honda 1000
2. Scott Sheehan, Honda 1000
3. Mark Biletnikoff, Suzuki SV650
4. Scott Beckley, Suzuki SV650
5. Jesse Nunn, Suzuki SV650

Scott's mom and dad want to thank Marcus again for all he did this past week. The guy works his butt off for road racing and I am so thankful he has decided to try to make this Kid a road racer.

Ed and Linda Beckley

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