View Full Version : Liberty Motorsports Park/Komodo Thanks (LATE)

marcus mcbain
08-15-2009, 04:55 PM
Another fun weekend for all the folks involved.

The WFO Komodo!!! Team overcame a grip that fell off in the middle of the race (they finished the race with just “the bar”), the rear brake went out on the 3rd lap, and still they finished 4th overall/4th in class.

Great Job Ottis and Danny.

In what has to be the longest funding period known to man…I didn’t do crap to Danny’s blown out shock due to on-going contract negotiations. Jim Cambora volunteered to rebuild it for me (Thanks Jim), but Friday’s practice seemed to go OK running 1:19’s.

Although Danny and I thought it would limp through the weekend, a stock shock pretty much would have worked better (Which Cory Burleson proved you can win on…Great job to Cory). Anyway, Danny had several exciting moment trying to run with Dustin and Cory. My fault…I will get my lazy [censored] to fix it.

Great job to Derek, Dustin, and Cory on their great riding

I wanted to thank a few people that support Danny Kelsey and the WFO Komodo/Liberty Motorsports Park racing efforts.

Michelin – Great service, excellent tires, and free chicken! (Ask Dave for the Winner, Winner…Chicken Dinner Special). ALSO AWESOME CONTINGENCY!

Komodo – Great guys (Wayne and Lee), Great Products, and Great Attitude…why would buy any other suit? (I don’t know either…)

CMRA – Always a great show

Ottis Lance – Ottis is a great rider and having Danny hanging around with him has been a good influence. (Believe it or not!)

Danny Kelsey – Another great job riding


Jesse Davis
08-15-2009, 07:16 PM
Hows the track coming along?

marcus mcbain
08-16-2009, 09:50 PM
As well as can be expected...as usual stay tuned.

Danny Kelsey
08-22-2009, 05:12 PM
It is a bit late. I have been in the middle of moving into my Duplex I just bought and have been far to busy for my own good. I want to thank my sponsors for all the help this weekend. Marcus Mcbaian and Liberty Motorsports Park, I must have called him a hundred times and he was happy to hear form me every time. (I think :-) ). Komodo leathers, Michelin Tires, VP Fuels, Hotboddies, Vesra Brakes, Kicker Audio, Silkoline Oils. It was a fun but difficult weekend. I tried to make my bike work better but after adding too much oil in my forks and raising the front instead of lowering it like Marcus told me to do; I think I've had a motocross bike track better then that GSXR. Thank you to my teammates Ottis and Wayne for a successful weekend ( Wayne, we missed you). And thank you to Billy with WRW for getting my engine at tip top shape. Also Jimmy C. for giving his time to make sure my suspension would work the best it could. I look forward to a great weekend at World. See you then.


John Orchard
08-23-2009, 09:48 AM
Good riding Danny - you've really stepped it up this year!

...and your starts are unreal!! (I need some tips from you! ;))