View Full Version : Congrats Danny Kelsey and Thanks!

marcus mcbain
09-28-2009, 10:57 PM
Congrats Danny Kelsey and Thanks!

Another tough weekend for Danny to work through…

I think Danny and I were both a little disappointed that Ty, Dustin, and Some of the other front runners weren’t racing this weekend, but it was still a successful weekend.

Unfortunately we had the typical “Suzuki Master Cylinder” brake problems pop back up this weekend. We never got the brakes working well, but I was in awe that Danny could still pull off three wins and a fast lap of 1:22.9 this weekend. He is getting to a level that we have been working on for the last two years.

Our 2 year old little Suzuki 600 is holding together and surprises us with what it does every weekend that we “hope it will last one more weekend” /ubbthreads/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

Danny is getting married this weekend coming up, so I will thank some people for the team. Danny did an incredible job of riding with no brakes for the last half of most of his races. We used pit signals to help him try to hold the bike together to win. The T4 save (actually off the track) in the C Superstock race (it was a win) was incredible and a great credit upon Danny’s riding ability.

Thanks Billy Wiese – We have had problems with just keeping stock motors together on these Suzuki’s. Every time we have a problem (from bad fuel to wasted valves), Billy has put it on the dyno and got the problems fixed. Danny now has bikes that run reliably and we are no longer worried about blowing up our stock motors. THANK YOU VERY MUCH BILLY!

David Hirsh/Michelin – In case you didn’t notice, Michelin won every A, B, C, F1 expert race this weekend with Danny Kelsey (and Ricky Parker). The tires rock! What is nice is Dave always has the tires in stock and you don’t have to pre-order anything. Just show up, buy your Michelins…and win.

Komodo – Again, when you have a group like them helping it is just makes the racing more rewarding. Thanks to Lee and Wayne for all the support they give Danny.

Penske/GP Suspension – Danny rides on suspension that no else runs in the club. The GP Suspension Cartridges I modified using GP Suspension/Ohlins/Spare Parts. When I call Dave at GP Suspension to tell him of the mods I am working on, he is a very good guy to bounce ideas off of and ensures I get the product to work as well as it can…same thing with Penske. The 8700 series shock is well worth the extra few hundred dollars a racer will spend.

Lone Star Track Days – What can you say, that doesn’t get said every weekend. It is no coincidence that Danny and Ricky (Parker) were able to get great practice and beat each other up in LSTD’s racer practice on Friday…and they won on Sunday. LSTD does a great job of keeping things organized so riders get the time they need to setup their bikes.

Thanks again to the CMRA – Yes times are tight, but the crew and staff are still making it happen for us all. THANK YOU TO ALL THE FOLKS THAT STAY DEDICATED FOR THE RACERS’!

Tony Ta
09-29-2009, 12:10 AM
Congrats, impressive riding as always.

Danny McCraw
09-29-2009, 02:59 PM
Congrats to you as well Marcus for doing such a good job on that bike , the turn 4 recovery was very impressive as I was watching from there!
Danny if you handle your marrige like you ride it will go well!!
Enjoy it and good luck!!

Steve McNamara
09-29-2009, 06:23 PM
Danny is a great rider and a great guy.
AWSOME job this weekend.
I can't wait to watch the races at TWS.

Danny Kelsey
10-01-2009, 12:39 AM
Thanks so much to everyone who helps me every weekend. I had a lot of fun this past week. My goal was to get some wins and drop down into the 22's and I did that. I could not have done it without Marcus's help. He drug him self out there feeling like crap and on lots of meds to make it through. To say the least, he did not have a smile on his face after every race when I told him the brakes were gone again. But he would go right back to trying to fix them.
Again, thank you to all my sponsors, friends and family for all the support. I could not do it without your help. I look forward to some great racing at TWS. I know everyone fast will be there so I hope to see lots of people watching.