View Full Version : A Huge Tks to CMRA from Wilkins X Racing #88

10-19-2009, 11:19 AM
The CMRA family was fabulous. From Walter agreeing to return a borrowed cooler, to help in the pits from Mike (the Canadian) who arranged a quick ride back to DFW for us with Chuck Nilan (who had us in stiches the whole ride) gave me handwhipes and medical attention while working on his super FZR400, Danny who let me tear his cush drive off his R6 for the endo race, great conversation with Matt Hall, Eric Falt, Wayne Wilder, Derick (09 r6 guy, Alonzon, Dustin J, Tony Ta, Mike Humphreys to mention a few- it was all great. You made us feel at home and the racing was very competitive.

Thanks to the team for going above and beyond: Dave Maskell (novice on a Daytona), John Houck (SV fast lw F40 champ) and Paul Wood (R1 expert). George Linhart (who started racing with CMRA 10+ years ago on an F2) could not make it this time but provided moral support/encouragement.

Next year the team will be better prepared to do the whole endo series. Composed of two Chicagoland residents, a Houstonian (Brit), a Dallas resident and an Arkansaltian - nice mix of 4 exp. and 1 fast novice.

Can't wait for the short Texas winter to be over so that we can freeze our butts off @ Oak Hill!!