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Alan Etheredge
12-21-2009, 12:31 PM
CMRA Classic Endurance Class

Get out those classic endurance bikes!!

The CMRA is proud to announce a new 2010 endurance class designed for racers of Classic class motorcycles. All classic endurance teams for 2010 will have a chance to race against other classic machinery . This new endurance class will run under current Classic class rules:
Motor and frame must be 1997 model year or older; newer machines that are
identical to 1997 model year or older machines are eligible.
Machines must use the original combination of frame and motor, with the
following noted exceptions: A larger displacement motor from the same series may be
installed. (i.e. GSX-R1100 motor in GSX-R750 frame).
Any bodywork allowed.
Standard maintenance over-bores allowed up to 2mm.
Fluid retaining lower per CMRA rules required.

This class was created in an effort to encourage all those who have classic endurance motorcycles to come out and race with the CMRA in an environment where they can be competitive against like machines.

This class will have its own championship provided entry minimums are met. The CMRA will make this class available for contingency support but final decisions about contingency programs are made by the contingency providers.

Danny Dominguez
12-26-2009, 07:39 PM
I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!

Gil Epperson
12-26-2009, 11:52 PM
Sounds good for now but the Classic rules are not even set yet so how do we approach this since Classic is now being split up into LW/HW where will the bikes fit ie will the F3 be expected to run against GSXR750s, ZX7s and the 1100s or will we still be considered LW as in the SBD and F40 sprint races. We need some final word on this class endurance and sprint so we can plan and go forward. Thank you

Danny Dominguez
12-27-2009, 01:04 AM
Gil, this is opinion on the classics class, no matter how unpopular or worthless it is. First off, "the classics endurance class" should be just that. Classic motorcycles with no distinction between heavyweight and lightweight. The entries simply would not justify dividing the class for endurance. If there is not enough entries, then the CMRA may not even offer a classics endurance class in 2011. Now for classic sprint races, I believe 600's should be classified as a heavyweight classics bike. They are far more competitive with a 750 classics bike than EX500's or FZR400's would be with them. Therefore they should be a heavyweight classics bike. I also truly believe that in other sprint classes the classics bikes should be allowed to ride down a class against modern equipment. When Dustin was riding the F2 and Eric Falt was riding the SV they were turning nearly identical lap times at every race track. However, Dustin has gone faster at every race track on his SV then he did on the F2. In fact his times as MSR on the F2 were a high 1:20 I believe, compared to his time on the SV at a high 1:18. Gil, the way I look at it, we as classics riders consist of a very small population of the CMRA, and if we complain too much, I can see the powers the be stating "no more classics, line your F2 up next to the modern 600's in C Superbike." Just food for thought.


Christopher Corder
12-27-2009, 02:43 AM
The Classic Endurance class will be one class only with no hw/lw split. I am not sure of the final word yet but it is very likely that the same will hold true for sprints. While classic bikes are extremely important to the club, the total amount of expected entries, based on history, does not appear large enough to justify a split.

The CMRA remains a great place to race any bike, with rules written to provide neither advantage, nor disadvantage to particular bikes.

Gil Epperson
12-27-2009, 07:37 AM
Danny I agree with you and plan on running the Classic endurance as well as sprints,but the BOD/Walter said they were splitting the class to LW/HW I was just wanting clarification and yes we should be allowed to run down a class but since Dustins time we have been ruled out of SSD and now F2 so I am only complaining about losing races to run in and may have to run SSC just so I can get my usual 4 sprint races in which is a good number for this old fart. See you on the grid.

Patrick Kelly
12-27-2009, 10:50 AM
Thank you board. I love the classic endurance idea. Rumors that number of (competitive) classes for the classics to compete in may be reduced almost had me resigned to not racing at all next year. It wouldn't be worth the long trip for one or two little eight lap sprints and I'd only be able to sell my bike for a tiny fraction of what I have in it. Now I'm encouraged that there may still be spot for me next year.

Dan Blankenship
12-29-2009, 01:46 AM
The endurance idea is nice, I also think it will be a lot of fun for those that do participate as it brings lower cost equipment into the field. My personal opinion is that the best venture is to bring in WERA Vintage and to promote heavily through WERA and other vintage sites to attract racers in to our grids. The money behind Vintage is an untapped resource for CMRA as the focus has always been towards the modern machines, this was true in 2002 when I started and still holds true now by the lack of classes to cover more older bikes as well as almost mute promotion of the class.