View Full Version : ECR THANKS ! ! ! !

Hunter Morgan
08-08-2011, 11:27 PM
Learning more on the 600 every race, with advice from Bill Syfan, and Jimmy C helping me to improve my lap times.

Thanks to my Dad for doing all he does in prepping my bikes and getting me to and from the racetrack. Want to express my thanks to all of my sponsors, Moto Liberty for the awesome protective racing gear, Silkolenestore.com for those slippery lubricants. Lone Star Track Days, "THE Original track days of Texas" for the track time, Whoopie Cycles for those long lasting sticky Dunlops, and Motorcycle Tow Company of Dallas for their support. Thanks to Jim Cambora with RaceworX for listening to and working with me, and tuning my R6 suspension. Thanks to Cycle Concepts for our newest addition for moving our race team equipment. Thanks to Mitch McGinnis for his hospitality.

I'd also like to give a huge thanks to the CMRA staff, and corner workers for working with us out in the extreme heat.

It was hot and nasty at Eagle’s Canyon. See everyone at MSR Cresson for Round 8.