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Jose Silva
10-26-2011, 11:30 AM
Its been one amazing season for me as it is undescribeable to say how happy i really am right now. Ive matured in my riding as every time i get on the bike i get faster. All the people that have supported me and beleived in me this year and my sponsors, that inspired/motivtivated me. All of this year couldnt be done without my dad being there for me and pushing me to get better.

Allan Campbell-whoopie has been a great mental helper as he would sit down with me and talk to me about the track and where i can make up time and go faster at, looking at the map. His help with checking my tire pressures and making sure they were at the temps they shouldve been, and letting me pit in his pit spot was very nice of him to do.:). Also riding with Allan at Whoopies Race School and having me help him being an instructor has helped me with seat time!!
Dunlops Baby!!!!:wheelie: the best of the best!

The Man Jim Cambora for all his help this season with my suspension and tweeks and phone calls/texts whenever i needed him he was always there for me <<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/smile.gif.

Brandon Bones/Studio 819 Photography for the best pics and such a cool friend!

Steve Upchurch for giving support to me in the last 2 rounds was a good help such a nice guy!!

Curt Bennett-MaxGs/MaxG's Racing was very kind to help me out this season thank you Curt buddy very kind <<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/smile.gif.

Billy Gonzalez/ Guillermo Gonzalez helped me out this season, great friends!!

This weekend at TWS was a phenomenal weekend for me as i won my 7 championships 7 of 7!! It was a hard fought battle in the B superstock Race, i had to play catch up from Craig getting like a 2sec+ lead. we switched the lead about 4+ times with 2 laps to go, close passing at its best! Cant wait to see the video and Congrats to Craig on a great racing year! We made eachother better riders!

Eddie Thornton has helped me and pushed me into becomIng a better racer/rider

People i give big thanks to- My dad for everything,Allan, Eddie,memo and Julie, Billy G and Pops, Carlos Lescale, Curt Bennett, Brandt Dillon, Lisa Posevina, Jason Disalvo, Garrett Gerloff, Brian Stokes, Andy Burt, Steve Upchruch, Walter Walker and CMRA staff, and everybody else whos been there for me sorry if i didnt mention your list will be too long but yall know who yall are!! :thumbsup:

My results this weekend

Cant wait to see what i can do with the big dogs and do my best!!:)

Thank you Walter Walker and the CMRA for an incredible season!! Coukdnt be done without you guys and the hardworking Cornerworkers that keep the track ready to go and safe!!

My sponsors of 2011 thank you- Whoopie Cycles-Allan Cambell, Dunlop race tires, Whoopies Race School, Memo and Julie, My Dad, MaxG's Racing(Curt Bennett), Raceworx Jimmy C, Andy Burt(Apex Racing), Lockhart Phillips, hotbodies, vp racefuels,

Tony Ta/ house of paint for the sick paintjobs thamks buddy!!

And most importantley thanks to the man upstairs for keeping me blessed and protected all season long

James caraballo
10-26-2011, 11:53 AM
7 of 7 great job,next year you get to play with the bigboys,Craig Thomson has been an awesome competitor and great influence on helping you get faster,thanks to cmra and staff and specially Walter walker cuz we know his job is not easy

Allan Campbell
10-27-2011, 12:35 PM
you worked hard year and it really paid off. Great pitting with you. and congrats!

Chris Randle
10-27-2011, 02:29 PM
Good job kid! Keep it up!

James Newton
11-01-2011, 09:22 AM
Great season Jose!! Congrats on all the titles!!! <<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/cool.gif