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Nancy Selleck
05-13-2013, 09:21 AM
Received the following email from Fox Schaffer on Sunday:

Hey Nancy, I left you a voice mail as soon as I had my wife pick me up from Lake Granbury Hospital, I was taking a private lesson with Ty as our Thursday lesson got rained out after 6 laps, Ty watched my front and back GoPro's that filmed my high side in the second turn of warm up lap that spit me off, he could only conclude my slick picked up something on the track?! He said I did nothing wrong, which makes me feel a lot better after the fact. Somehow my bike only bent a brake lever and broke the front stay, of which I have spares of both.

Please cancel my pre-registration for Hallett only though, my mom is in OK City for next three weeks so Angela and I will still pick her up and watch and support our riders on Sunday ;-)

If anyone wants to know my condition or what happened just let them know I'm a little bruised and battered but only badly bruised left heel, broke collarbone that will be surgically corrected here in DFW Mon or Tues, my helmet took it hard on front right chin and cheek, thank you Arai Corsair V...before I even went home I went to Moto Liberty to buy a new Kevin Schwantz Arai Vector 2 that's signed by Kevin!

I have GoPro video of the corner workers and officials taking GREAT care of me and I can't thank them enough for helping save my boots and leathers, and the hospital helped me keep my brand new Under Armor long sleeve shirt from being cut even though I had a broken collarbone ;-)

Nancy, I know this is an epistle, but I wanted everyone to know that sometimes things just go wrong, but it's the people we are surrounded by in this small community that help get us through with a smile on our face!

Ty and David Sprague helped my wife load the trailer and return a Motopia ride a member is gifting me to race, a man in a white van next to me a Ty's trailers named John helped my wife tremendously in the less heavy loading of the trailer!

Thank you everyone, prayers are appreciated and I give my permission to repost or paraphrase anything related to my accident, God bless CMRA, their members and LSTD for all y'all do.

One final request, would you ask Fred Chapman and those who stay for mini sermon and prayer to please pray for fast recovery and that I'd be back in time for NOLA please? Thanks, Fox #59

Ty Howard
05-13-2013, 10:19 AM
I hope for a speedy recover. Pulling out of the pits and crashing in Wagon Wheel was a new one for me. All I can figure is the tires were not up to temp yet and the tight exit line put you on a dirty part of the track. The video proved you didn't increase throttle causing the highside.

Fox Schaffer
06-04-2013, 11:31 AM
Well the Doc says I got a couple screws loose lol LITERALLY!!!
I must go back under the knife this Thursday to replace the plate and screws as 2 were backing themselves out on the inside part of the clavicle, so no NOLA for me unfortunately...on the bright side the bones are still lined up and still mending so this shouldn't slow that part down, am hoping I'm back in action by Cresson, but really looking for an Alpinestars Tech Air or Dainese D-Air before I return, really don't want to risk another pain-in-the-neck injury again lol!!! Any help locating a vendor would be greatly appreciated!!! Fox #59

David Napier
06-04-2013, 02:48 PM
great news glad you are getting those loose screws tight. Braaap