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jose gutierrez
05-20-2013, 11:41 AM
Team Halffast Members: Ryan, Mark, and Joey made the lengthy drive to Hallett, OK on Thursday morning. Itís funny how we all dreaded the long drive, but with great company and hysterical conversation, the drive flew by. We arrived at the track at 7pm, got our wristbands and found out pit spot. We were lucky enough to get a spot next to the Leather and Lace Team. Unloaded and set up everything.
With still an hour of daylight, we decided to walk the track, and straight from pit out we were very concerned. The track surface at the start/finish line was horrible we were all concerned. We had never walked an entire track, and we were trying to decide our lines, braking markers, and points of acceleration. We would later find out on Friday practice that all those markers were thrown out the window; reality quickly set it to how new we still were.
Friday Practice: Driving from the hotel the fog was stupid thick. Even upon arrival to the track and the sun behind the clouds, the fog was not lifting. Mark Shim (Bluepine) decided to do the first practice session, and came back with this, ďWe have to practice as much as possible, the two blind corners are crazy.Ē So we opted for the half-day practice and got to work. Practice was great for the Halffast team. We all finished the day with our bikes intact and confidence restored.

Race Day: I started the morning off with my F7 race on my 2006 Honda NSF100. I placed 3rd out of 7 overall, and 1st in my F7 class.
Then Mark and I raced ESS, and Mark muscled a 2nd place and I managed a 10th place. On the last two laps I chased down Brian Millsap in lap 4 I saw look back and he saw I was at least 150 yards away. Then on the next lap I had closed 75 yards on him and saw him look back again to see him realize that I was catching him, he tucked under the windscreen and it was all business for him. On the last turn exiting to the front straight I set up my line to get the best drive possible but was unable to cross the line first. Brain finished the race 57.769 behind the leader and I finished the race 57.771. Needless to say we were both pushing our bikes. Great race Brain!!!

Our next race was the F4 race, and Mark managed a 5th place and I got another 10th place finish.

F4 ENDURANCE: Mark started the race and got us to 9th place, but by the time his 1-hour stent was done, we were in 12th place. Mark had a massive leg cramp and was forced to pit in early. Then came my stent and was not feeling comfortable as the ESS and F4 race. In my 40 minute marker I ran off the track on turn 7 and shook me up, I tapped to my team mates that I was coming in and then we changed riders. There were 4 or 5 teams battling for 12-16th and was a close race the entire race. I took the last hour stent and finished the race for Halffast, and I was so fatigued during the race that I didnít have enough strength to lift the visor on my helmet to fix my glasses. The race between these 5 teams came down to quickest pit stops, and that is where we need the most improvement. At the end of the race we ended up 14th out of 21 teams.

THANK YOU to the CMRA Staff for the great job you all do, we are truly privileged racers to have such a great race organization
Thank you to Slovy (Justin) for the great hand in pits and camera,
Thank you Walter Walker for the parts off his sonís NSF, Awesome Awesome.
Thank you Jay Newton for the tow on my last hour stent, Tapping his tail encouraging me to follow him through a few turns, Just what I needed when I was completely drained of energy.

TEAM HALFFAST would LOVE to thank all our sponsors:
GOD- first, foremost and forever
Track Junkie Racing (Larry)
GnS Racing Transport (Thank you Dad for your support, Love you)
RideSmart Motorcycle School (Thank you Dave Wonders)
P1 Racing (John and Brandon) Tires and suspension were awesome
Bridgestone Tires (John Hutchinson) n
Brawp Racing (All you Mofoís)