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Ryan Short
05-21-2013, 10:35 AM
Hey Everyone,

I had the pleasure of taking a road trip to Hallett this weekend to finish my Prov Nov reqs. I will finally be a licensed racer once I perform one more corner working day. I put together vids for the local houston community and am an instructor with RideSmart. You may have seen this dude walking around with a gopro that was me and Slovy who just took his class. We just started racing this season and have had a very strong and sharp learning curve...I was injured early on in the begin of the season and Mark Shim, and Joey Gutierrez have been taking on the burden of getting us points on the boards all by themselves for 250cc Endurance Races. Ivan Fuentez is our other leg and should be back at TWS soon. I cannot thank them enough for all the help they have given me along the way...knowledge, skill, operational logistics skills, all are very important aspects of racing that make a huge difference in winning or just having fun Most importantly they have taught me how to have a level head out there racing. I ended up having to push start my bike on my stint and roll it back for a second push because it wouldnt start... I had to keep myself calm and breath and then it was on... Ran a 1:46 which is slow...haven't ridden in 4 months and have 9 additional pins in the ankle..(stoopid accident)...

We have work to do, and things to learn along the way, fitness improve, but I also want to thank Brawp Racing. Kris Lillegard is one fast mofo and a good person to work with...he has so much to bring to this sport, especially his light hearted and fun spirit. We can all be competitors and still have a great time and build relationships. One thing he has taught be besides where to push harder is how to have fun and keep things in perspective. Also other things on and off the track...lol :topsecret:

The CMRA did a great job...I would never know any difference because it seemed to be a flawless day...looks like that new lap record in OK caused some tornadoes cause that made history as well..Prayers for the families and friends who were affected.

Anyways I have literally over a 100 gb of footage to go through so here is a sneak peak of the vid I will be working on. I try to include as much of the teams and orgs possible, as well as sponsors... Hope I can keep growing this and hope to show document our memories...look closely you may just see yourselves or your team in the vid.


HALFFAST GROUP HOUSTON - Info@HalffastGroup.com

Joe Fields
05-21-2013, 11:20 AM
Nice vid! Looks like a heck of a time! :)