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Heinz Roy
05-23-2013, 12:38 PM
On behalf of all of the members (Ed, Thomas, and yours truly) at BTO Racing (mini endurance team number 58), I wish to say thanks to everyone at the CMRA for putting on another great weekend of fun! I cannot say thank you enough to my teammates for their time, support, and effort! Thanks guys!

A BIG THANKS to Gary Welborn, Brandie Cox, Nancy, and Robin for lending a hand in the pits! We appreciate having ya’ll in the pits keeping us focused, organized, hydrated, fed, and under proper adult supervision.

To all our competitors and friends, thank you so much for your encouragement, assistance, advice, and friendship. You make the CMRA one of the greatest places to race! Thanks to Walter, Ryan, Linz, David, Nancy, Alan, Barry, Steve, and all the CMRA staff for keeping us in line, informed, and safe! Thanks to all the corner workers for you time and effort watching over us so we can go out and play!

Thanks to Ryan, Linz and Alan Phillips for picking my chubby tail off the race surface after I looped the bike. Thanks Ryan for telling me to breathe, relax, and helping to get the bike back out there. Thanks To Randy Joy, Patrick Hagens, Ken Ryder, Ryan Warren, Phil Warren, Dustin Sperry, Wyatt Sperry, Casey Brown, Nick Chapman, Michael & Daisy DeSimone, Allan Boyd (thanks for the video bud!) and everyone that came by to see if we needed a hand, to make sure I was okay (physically and mentally), and offering “how to start a race without looping a bike” instruction. Each and every one of you rock!

A big thanks to the folks that help us out...212 Decals for making the bike look cool with great decals and for our shirts too, John at South Central Race Center for the sticky Bridgestone tires (and advice and support when we need it – thanks for the R10 on front – great tire!), Lucas Oil for the lubricants they produce that keep the engine running smoothly and reliably, Moto Liberty for supplying the top-notch gear that protects us (the Sidi Vortice Boots saved me from a broken ankle), Solomotoparts.com for getting us the parts we need to keep the bike in tip-top shape, to Road & Track Suspension and Texas Tornado Boot Camp for supporting the CMRA and sponsoring the classes we run in.

Last, and certainly not least, thank you to my lovely wife for her unwavering support, encouragement, and putting up with me! I could not be blessed with a more loving and supportive wife and bestfriend. I love you so much!

To Patrick Hagens, you are in and remain in our thoughts and prayers for a complete and speedy recovery! Thanks for not running over me too.

To all our friends in North Texas and Oklahoma that suffered greatly through these horrific and deadly storms, you remain in our thoughts and prayers as well. If you can, please donate to the Red Cross to help those in this time of need. Donate blood as well. In the summertime, blood banks run low and can use the extra donations.

To everyone going to NOLA, have fun, race hard, and keep it upright!

Until Cresson...see ya!


Linz Leard
05-24-2013, 10:06 AM
Glad you're good and got back out there. A little shaken, a little stirred, but none the worse for wear in the end. See ya soon, my friend!