View Full Version : Wanna Race TMGP Endurance in Katy Tomorrow (Sat) 2pm-6pm?

David Kobierowski
06-21-2013, 12:45 PM
TMGP is hosting a 4 hour endurance race tomorrow, Sat., June 22nd in Katy (West of Houston). 2pm-6pm.

Neither of my two typical team members can make it, so I'm looking, last minute, for one or two racers.

It's my bike, a Honda XR100 with slicks. (Barry Hobbs' old bike). It's a lot of fun! Very competitive, and these bikes are pretty quick.

I know it's last minute, but text me ASAP if interested. You'll need the same race gear as CMRA (Leathers, boots, gloves, helmet...).

It's relatively inexpensive to race. Going off of memory, I think it's like $60 to race 4 hours.

Bike is all prepped and ready to go, including a "newer" engine that we just put in. As would be expected, if you crash and brake anything, you're responsible for repairs...but these bikes can take a beating!
Here's the website with more details:


A number of TMGP regulars are existing and former CMRA racers that you might recognize.

My cell is 512-four-one-three-0286.