View Full Version : Brian Bartlow's "Feel Like a Pro Dirt" - Ride Ninja 250s at Laguna Seca next!!

David Kobierowski
09-12-2013, 08:02 AM
Last week I spent 9 days traveling from Southern Calif to Northern Calif. The pinnacle of my trip was a weekend at Brian Bartlow's "Feel Like a Pro Dirt" race school.

Brian built a flat track on his ranch near Sacramento. We practiced there in Sat., then we raced at a nearby flat track on Sunday. There were 8 of us racing his bikes, and a few took home trophies. We rode brand new Kawasaki 140's. They were a ton of fun to ride! Light and easy to handle.

For my next trip to Brian's school, I plan to ride a Kawi 140 dirt bike on his flat track on Saturday. Then road race a Ninja 250 at Laguna Seca on Sunday!!

Brian has about 10 Kawi 140 dirt bikes and 14 Ninja 250's. So if you wanna join, let me know! Not sure of the exact date yet, probably May or June of next year. Possibly around when the AMA or MotoGP is racing at Laguna, so we can ride Laguna Seca a few days before or after watching the races there!!

Checkout FeelLikeaProDirt.com for more info.

Pictures of my trip are posted on my Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151902222432034&set=a.10151902197052034.1073741826.736032033&type=1&theater

BTW, Brian is interested in visiting TX again next year and racing a Ninja 250 with us again in E-Superstock and Formula 4. He'll probably borrow one of my 250s to race again when he's here. I told him we have some additional fast guys (and girls) that were not racing when he raced at TWS earlier this year, so he best be ready for some new competition!