View Full Version : Southern Adrenaline 2014 support

Ben Jones
12-04-2013, 02:17 PM

As you prepare for the upcoming season, we are here to provide for your racing needs:

*MOTO-D Tire warmers
*Coolmax Motorcycle Undersuits & Socks
*Helmet Cases
*Angled Valve Stems
*Motorcycle Safety Wire Drill Guide
*Radio scanners
*Lap timers+ beacon
*Oils filters lubes
*Custom molded hearing systems : ear plugs, headphones, team communication, and much more.

We are currently accepting resumes for support for 2014. Only a few will be chosen. Email : teamsouthernadrenaline@gmail.com

About our warmers: 2-Year No Hassle “Burnout Proof” Warranty included, if they fail due to a manufacturing defect we repair or replace, if they fail because YOU left them on and accidently burnt them out (user negligence), we replace them (once).

PRO-Series Single Temp $299.99
PRO-Series Dual Temp $349.99
PRO-Series Digital $449.99

Contact us:
(817) 371-2350
www.facebook.com/SouthernAdrenaline817 (http://www.facebook.com/SouthernAdrenaline817)