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Scott Finning
07-29-2014, 09:27 AM
This past weekend was my first time road racing. It was everything I hoped it would be and as a 55 year old kid I could not have had a better time.
I set some goals and achieved them all
... build a bike... get some trackday time... take the race school... finish the weekend without crashing.
Now I hope to improve and become a better racer.. Starting on these little 250's was smartest thing I ever did.. I won't take credit for the idea.. if it was not for some much smarter people than I, well this might be written from a hospital bed instead.
So because of that I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has helped me with your great advise and shared wisdom..
I also need to mention a few specific folks who I really feel made this weekend possible for me.
Alan E for all the grounded words of wisdom on how to get started.. I really appreciate your patience!
and Nancy for all you do.. you have made becoming a member of the club way easy! Thanks to all the other CMRA officials.. you all really make the whole thing seem so smooth from start to finish..and Walter for pretty much telling me to quit being a penny pincher and buy the Woodcraft guard.. it worked flawless...
To Linz and Steve in tech.. thank you for your tips and for helping me get my bike through..
Tom and Steve Mac.. LSTD was so helpful in giving me the chances to get some track time to get ready and Bill Syfan for putting up with all my stupid questions during the race school. Thanks you guys..
Allen Campbell for getting me squared away on my tires and all your tips.. the Bridgestones were excellent and made a big difference.
Karl from Comet Racing Leathers for getting me fitted in a great suit that worked perfect!
And to Ryan Rutowski... you are awesome man... when I cornerworked I was always amazed at what you do.. but you went out of you way to talk to me after my first day and I appreciate that beside coming to my wife's rescue and getting the power back on in the trailer... thank you pal!
There are so many folks that I need to tip my hat to... Ty, Mark Neimi, Heinz Roy, Marcus McBain and dozens more that allowed me to pry into their heads, showed me how freindly the CMRA is and what it means to be a CMRA member.. I can't thank you enough. The weekend was so busy.. there never seemed to be enough time to get all the things done I needed.. I'm sorry I never had the chance to thank everyone in person.. If I learned one thing this past weekend.. it was that preparation and organisation are the best tools to have in my toolbox... lesson well learned...the hard way!
Finally I need to give props to my biggest supporter, my wife Debbie! Three years ago you took me to Hallett for my birthday to watch the CMRA races and it's all been amazing since!
Thanks honey for putting up with my craziness and for helping me in all the ways you do... this never would have happened if not for you!
This trip has been a long time coming.. for three years I have been looking, watching and listening... and hopefully learning. Boy.. the wait was well worth it.. thank you everyone!

One last thing.
In ESS I was involved in a incident in turn 14. I did not know know who the other rider was until recently.. I believe it was Mitchell Klein #554 as some others have said it was. Either way I want to apologise for anything that I may have done to contribute to your crash.. I hope you did not suffer badly and we can have a better day of racing at a later date.. again, please forgive my rookie moves..

Michael De Simone
07-29-2014, 10:33 AM
It was great to see you out there Scott! I am glad you had a great time!

Heinz Roy
07-29-2014, 10:37 AM
Very glad to finally meet you in person and wish you the very best in your CMRA career. Enjoy the madness, friendships, and great times ahead. If you ever need anything, please feel free to ask me anytime!

Thanks for dropping by the pits during the LWE!


Judi Malcom
07-29-2014, 11:02 AM
Wow Scott ... this was so encouraging for me to read as I am 52 years young and have about a year invested in my track journey. I still have my first race to look forward to. Like you, I was advised to go the 250 route and just picked one up as my first ever dedicated track bike this past weekend at TWS. It might be a few weeks before I get her on the track for the first time but I absolutely can not wait. I'm excited about all the things I will learn on this bike.

Having you share your experience here just adds to my motivation and for that I thank you! Congratulations on your successful race weekend and I wish you all the best in the races to come. :)

Dean Darnell
07-29-2014, 11:26 AM
I wish I could have made it to see your first weekend of racing. Judging from who your "incident" was with, you run a little higher in the pack then me, so I woulda just been one of the first people you passed! After starting on an SV650, I decided to try a 250, and boy, I wish I would have realized sooner what I was missing!! Looking forward to racing with you Scott, and you as well Judi... man, I feel younger these days (early 40's)! Thanks y'all!

Linz Leard
07-29-2014, 12:28 PM
Excellent to see you on the grid, my friend!