View Full Version : Thank you!!!

Britten Geary
02-24-2015, 09:59 AM
I wanna thank everybody that helped out the last race weekend with me learning to ride the r6! Danny dominguez, you're like a second father to me and I appreciate everything you've done for me! I am forever in your debt! My dad for being the best dad in the world! I went out on the r6 not knowing anything! But by the end of the day sunday I was running top ten with the expert 600s. And on my SV was able to put it on the box with every race. Thank you john Hutchinson with south central race center, bill Syfan, Rick and Ben thurstinson with fayetteville collision center. Jim Cambora with Raceworx. My sister chandler for always helping out in the pits. And my girlfriend makayla Geiser for supporting me doing my favorite thing in the world!