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    We welcome feedback and questions regarding the CMRA.

    Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association
    PO Box 101177
    Ft Worth, TX 76185-1177
    Nancy Selleck, Administrator & Secretary
    Email Nancy Selleck

    Office Hours: M-F, 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Central Time
    Office: 817.570.9779
    Fax: 1.888.334.0166
    Who's Who:

    Administrator - Email Nancy Selleck

    Class Sponsorships - Email Shandra Crawford

    Contingency Coordinator - Email Walter Walker

    Corner Working - Email Barry Nichols or Roxana Nichols

    Electronic & Manual Scoring - Email Kim Walker

    Media & Promotions - Email Shandra Crawford

    Race Director - Email Walter Walker - 254.717.6848

    Results & Points Questions - Email Greg LeClair

    Rider School Instructor - Email Danny Dominguez

    Rulebook Answer Man - Email Walter Walker

    Special Events - Email Shandra Crawford

    Track Chaplain - Email Joe Spann

    Trophies - Email Shandra Crawford

    2016 -2017 BOARD MEMBERS:

    John Orchard
    Email John

    Shandra Crawford
    Vice President
    Email Shandra

    Danny Dominguez
    Email Danny

    Allen Dye
    Email Allen

    Linz Leard
    Email Linz

    Bill Syfan
    Email Bill

    Harry Tomlinson
    Email Harry
    John Orchard
    Hometown: Wasilla, Alaska
    CMRA Member Since: June 2001
    Favorite Motorcycle: R6
    Favorite Track: Cresson
    Family: My awesome wife Marian and two great dogs, Gumball and Slurpy.

    Shandra Crawford
    CMRA Member Since:
    Favorite Motorcycle:
    Favorite Track:

    Danny Dominguez
    Hometown: Newalla, OK
    CMRA Member Since: 1988/89
    Favorite Motorcycle: ZX7 Superbike/SV650
    Favorite Track: Any track that Walter and the team of the CMRA staff and volunteers are running
    Family: Yeah - I got one
    Comment: I enjoy racing and helping new and veteran racers.

    Allen Dye
    Hometown: I grew up in Denton, Texas and graduated from Denton High School...back when there was only one high school.
    CMRA Member Since: July of 2013
    Favorite Motorcycle: While I race a Yamaha, my favorite motorcycles have always been twins and specifically Ducati's.
    Favorite Track: My favorite track is the one I'm racing on! Seriously though, I love Hallett. It's just the right mix of length, elevation change and it's set in a beautiful part of the country. Easily my favorite track.
    Family: I am single and the proud parent of a German Shepherd and a Shi Tzu, both rescues.
    Comment: I'm thrilled for an opportunity to give back to an organization that I get so much out of. Not only do we have some the best tracks and best variety of tracks to race on, I think we've got the best membership as well. When you look at the other organizations around the country, they are cutting classes and losing members. The CMRA continues to thrive and to grow and I'm proud to part of that.

    Linz Leard
    Hometown: I was born and raised in Houston, however League City, Texas has been home for the past decade.
    CMRA Member Since: October, 1987. I took new rider's school at Oak Hill Raceway at the last Central Motorcycle Roadracing Club (CRRC) event of 1987. The CRRC later became the CMRA and I have been a continuous member and racer since that time.
    Favorite Motorcycle: This is a very hard question to answer as I have many fond (and some not so fond) memories of all the bikes I have owned / raced. I am very partial to two-strokes of any kind, and I love any GP bike that find its way into club racing. The Yamaha TZs and Honda RSs I owned? I admit I have seller’s remorse. In the end, though, if it has a motor and wheels, I like it and I want to race it.
    Favorite Track: The legendary and dearly departed Oak Hill Raceway and iconic Texas World Speedway are my favorite CMRA tracks.
    Family: Wife Dina, and two awesome daughters, Raynie and Sammi
    Comment: In the almost 30 years I have been with the CMRA, I have had the opportunity to meet many awesome people, make many great friends, and race against some now-legendary racers who went on to claim fame at the national and world championship levels. I have also have had the chance give back to the club by serving on the CMRA’s Board of Directors, and work as a CMRA official for more than eight years. For I time I wrote press releases and race reports for the club, and authored and edited the club’s newsletter. One of my greatest joys was getting my wife and kids involved in the CMRA. Each of my family members either have worked corners or worked in other areas for the club at some point. Sammi has sung the national anthem to start race days on several occasions, and Raynie went on to become a CMRA official for more than four years where she served as a manual scorer, worked pre-registration and the merchandise booth, and also worked the track gates. Along the way Raynie developed a true passion for roadracing and decided she wanted to race. She earned her CMRA race license, which resulted in some of the proudest “Dad Moments” of my life – the times I have gridded up with, and raced alongside of, one of my offspring.

    Bill Syfan
    Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
    CMRA Member Since: 1978
    Favorite Motorcycle: 1985 GPZ600, 1996 RS125, 2008 Ninja 250
    Favorite Track: Oak Hill Raceway, Texas World Speedway
    Family: Wife Nancy and daughter Sarah
    Comment: Riding motorbikes fast on a racetrack is fun!

    Harry Tomlinson
    Hometown: Aledo, Texas (born north of the Mason Dixon line, but got to Texas as quickly as possible)
    CMRA Member Since: 1994
    Favorite Motorcycle: Yamaha YZF-R6
    Favorite Track: Motorsport Ranch
    Family: Melissa, son Garet, daughter Grace...the three labs; Bode, Clyde and Gus
    Comment: It's all about motorcycles on a race track