New for 2019. Forms are now “fillable”. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader for the best experience.

2019 License Application

(revised 12/26/2019). This form is to be used if applying by mail or email to the CMRA office. Applications submitted at the track must use forms available at the track.

2019 Associate Member Application

(revised 12/26/2019). Associate Members are not allowed to race but may be the Owner or Captain of an Endurance team. Associate Membership is open to anyone who wants to support and participate as a non-racer with the CMRA. Associate Members get full access to post on the CMRA Message Board and voting rights for the annual Board of Directors election. 
Fees paid by Associate Members wishing to upgrade during the year will be applied toward the Full Membership (competition license) fees.

2019 Annual Minor Release Form

(revised 11/14/2018). This form is required if license applicant is under 18 years of age. THE MINOR AND BOTH PARENTS OR ALL GUARDIANS OF THE MINOR MUST SIGN THIS FORM. If mailing this form, all pages must be signed/notarized.

2019 Annual Emergency Contact Form

(revised 12/26/2019)

2019 Endurance Team or Superteams Team Registration Form

(revised to include new class structure 12/26/18). Team must be registered using this form before a pre-entry can be accepted. Team Owners AND Captains must be a member of the CMRA (hold a current race license or a current Associate Membership) and a minimum of 18-years-old.

2019 CMRA License School Pre-registration Package

(revised 12/26/2019)

2019 CMRA Track Experience Pre-registration Package

(revised 12/26/2019)

Change of Address/Contact Form

(revised 12/26/2019)