Board of Directors

Harry Tomlinson
President & Board Member

Born into a motorsports family, Harry attended his first race event (outboards) at 4 weeks and spent the next several years crisscrossing the northeast attending racing events with his family. The motorcycle bug bit early and he was riding in the woods of New England and then Texas by 5. Joining the CMRA in 1994, Harry has competed in CMRA events for 25 years and served multiple terms on the Board of Directors. Additionally, he has taught Lone Star Track Days, Jason Pridmore’s Star School and American Supercamp. Continuing the tradition, Harry’s son, Garet is an accomplished CMRA racer and former Red Bull Rookie Cup rider.

Location: Aledo, Texas

First Bike: Yamaha JT-1 60

Favorite Bike: 2008 Yamaha R6

Favorite Track: Pikes Peak International Raceway (old course)

Jeff Phillips
Vice-President, Board Member

Although Jeff started riding motorcycles in the early 70's, he did not take Riders school (for both CMRA and TMGP) until 1993. Since then, Jeff has been a rider and worker in both organizations. Currently, Jeff is the starter for CMRA and, for the last decade, has been a co-promoter/promoter of TMGP.

Location: College Station, TX

First bike:1972 Honda CT70

Favorite bike:YSR/XR 100

Favorite track:(Ridden) Oak Hill Henderson, TX (been to) Barber Motorsports Leeds, AL

Sean Brown
Board Member
Ryan Rutkowski
Board Member
Jeremy Harvey
Board Member
Rab McNaught
Board Member

Originally from Scotland, Rab has held a strong interest in motorsport since a young age.  Rab maintains a CMRA Expert license and began competition in 2014, actively competing in CMRA and OSB Supermoto.  He is a former coach with Sport Rider Coaching at Eagles Canyon Raceway and has a strong passion for training new riders and promoting the sport.

Location: McKinney, TX

First bike: 1988 Suzuki TS50X

Favorite bike: Husqvarna Supermoto

Favorite track: Sonoma Raceway, California

Joseph Caruso
Board Member
Joe started riding his dad's 1973 BSA 750 Rocket with a right side gear shift and was inspired to start racing by a midlife crisis.
First bike: Ninja 600
Favorite Bike: BMW S1000RR
Favorite track: NOLA for pure speed, Hallett for pure fun (it's our version of Barber)

Staff Members

Walter Walker
Director of Competition

Walter started riding at age 5. Soon after he started racing at the local dirt track. Through the years Walter has raced motocross, arena-cross, cross country, hare-scrambles, flat track, before finally getting into road racing in 1990. From 1990 to 1998 Walter raced with the CMRA, WERA, CCS, AMA and several other racing organizations. In 1998 Walter volunteered to Work at CMRA events as an assistant in Tech. Over the years Walter served the CMRA in Tech, at Pit Out, as a Grid Marshal, as Starter, as Outrider, as Assistant Race Director, as Race Director starting in 2002, and finally as Director of Competition. Along with his work for the CMRA Walter also became the Safety Coordinator for AMA ProRacing in late 2008. From there he moved to a position in Race Control. In 2014 Walter went to work for MotoAmerica where he currently serves as Deputy Race Director. Walter also serves as Chief Communicator for World Superbike and Recovery Communicator for MotoGP at their US rounds. Walter also currently holds an FIM Officials License as a Clerk of the Course and Sporting Steward for Circuit Racing.

Location: Waco, TX

First bike: Sears Minibike

Favorite bike: Honda CBR600F2/F3

Favorite track: Oak Hill Raceway Henderson, TX

Alex Howard

Alex started riding motorcycles at age 5. She started racing with the CMRA in 2002 and took a break from racing in 2012 to start her family. She is married to Shane and has 3 crazy boys - their own little endurance team! After being a teacher for 4 years, she is now the administrator for the CMRA.

Location: Colorado
First bike: PW50
Favorite bike: SV650
Favorite track: Oak Hill (R.I.P.)

Joe Spann
Joe's dad started taking him to car races when he was 14, about the time his friends started getting into motorcycles. So he tricked his parents into letting him get a bike. He got a job at a local bike shop that was into racing and that cemented it. Flat tracking was the local form of motorcycle racing, so that's what he started doing. He was exposed to roadracing much later, and enjoyed it enough to get involved as a chaplain.
First bike: Honda 50
Favorite bike: 750 Triumph w/Trackmaster frame
Faorite track: Wakenny 1/2 mile
Danny Dominguez
Riding Instructor

Danny started riding around 3 years of age on a Honda Trail 50, started roadracing circa 1988 and been a CRRC/CMRA racer since 1989. Danny has been a novice racer all the way up through DMG/AMA PRO. Danny started his son out with the CMRA when he was 9, brought him through and helped him make it all the way to an AMAPRO career.

Danny is also a MSGT with the Oklahoma City Police Dept - a 28 year veteran.

Danny has served 2 terms on the CMRA Board of Directors and serves as the CMRA Rider Representative to the organization.

Danny has been our head CMRA License School instructor for the past few seasons.

Location: Oklahoma

First bike: Honda Trail 50

Favorite bike: Kawasaki ZX7RR Superbike (when it was right)

Favorite track: TWS and Hallett

Greg LeClair
Scoring Official
Shandra Crawford
Marketing and Promotions
Shandra started riding at 8 on a Honda Trail 90 with her mom in Colorado. She rode dirt trails and the street until she moved to California in 1995. There she started doing hare scrambles, riding canyons, and attended her first live AMA race. While she was walking in the pits, a team member came up to her and asked her to hold an umbrella for a racer. Being on the grid and near the edge of the track when the bikes launched was the best feeling she'd ever experienced. Shortly after, she did her first track day at Willow Springs Motorcycle Club, and got the racing bug. While in California, she raced with and worked for WSMC, AFM, and WERA. She ran the California State Championship for 3 seasons, and won championships on her SV650. In 2012, she moved to Texas and began racing and working with CMRA. She is the first female racer in CMRA to win a mixed competition big bike expert championship, and was also the first female to serve as a director for the B.O.D. She now does promotion, sponsorship, and marketing for the club.
Location: DFW
First bike: Honda Trail 90
Favorite bike: Yamaha YZF-R6/Triumph Daytona 675R
Favorite track: Thunderhill Raceway