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Thread: Indianapolis Moto GP

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    Indianapolis Moto GP

    Anyone been to Indy GP? I'm going this year and have never been to a MotoGP race, don't really know what to expect. Any advice (i.e., good hotels, hotels to stay away from, how bad is parking, anywhere to get cheap tickets, can you roam around the pits, etc.)? Thanks for any input!

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    we went a few years ago,we stayed in a hotel about 6 miles away, parking was decent, felt like was better than cota. its a cool event, we allso attended the flat track races ,a must do.
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    We went a few years ago too. Stayed at the Conrad in downtown Indy. Downtown Indy is nice. Lots to do and see and all within walking distance. We got the VIP Village tickets for the races that had parking included. To get in the paddock, you'll need a pass. Not sure how they are working their tickets this year, but nothing a call to them couldn't fix. Everyone we talked to and dealt with there was really great. Wear your walking shoes, it's a huge place.

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