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Thread: GP Suspension owner Barry Wressell to attend CMRA Finale

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    GP Suspension owner Barry Wressell to attend CMRA Finale

    GP Suspension owner Barry Wressell to attend CMRA finale

    KFG Racing and GP Suspension owner Barry Wressell to attend CMRA finale. The CMRA (Texas) represents a great history and market. GP Suspension suspension products have won numerous races the last several years in the CMRA. Barry and GP Suspension are committed to supporting the market and continue to innovate suspension solutions. has exclusively used GP Suspension components since 2008 and lead rider Danny Kelsey has won numerous races and championships during this time. Make sure you stop by the pit and meet Barry and find out how dedicated he is to the Texas/Oklahoma/Louisiana/CMRA Market

    GP Suspension products dynamically provide solutions for entry level and seasoned professional riders by offering the following features with their 25mm cartridge kits:

    1) Precision engineering - GP Suspension components offer racers a precise product with coatings that provide consistent performance and long term reliability.

    2) Dynamic Tuning Options - Customers can have a multitude of solutions by their GP Suspension qualified technician including traditional, mid-valve solutions, and hybrid builds to meet the needs of any rider. This provides great performance during hard braking and smooth action over bumps that tend to impede your performance.

    3) Easy service - From fork spring changes to full service work, GP Suspension Cartridges are both a technicians and rider's "dream come true".

    For more information, go to: or visit
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