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    Banquet Videos

    I will be posting up the videos when I get done re-editing them. I only had a few days to put them together, so I am trying to clean them up a bit. Here are the ones from Ty's Hall of Fame induction:

    We will post up the videos from the CMRA Banquet here as I get them done. Here are the two videos that were made for Ty’s Hall of Fame induction. Due to time constraints, the intro was not shown, but here it is anyway:

    1) Hall of Fame/Ty Howard intro video:

    2) Special Congrats from GP Tech/Geoff Maloney:

    ADDED 11/21/2013

    3) CMRA Sprint Championship Series Video:

    4) Norm McDonald's AMA Hall of Fame video:
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    Awesome! We need a spot on the website for these.

    Hope the narrative that Bill Syfan read about the mini endurance history can get archived somewhere on our website.

    Marcus are the old new letters you posted on the net once upon a time still out there? It would be great for them to have a spot on our website as well.
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    Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

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    Added the "CMRA Sprint Series" main video (see first post in this thread). I had to cut out about 2 minutes due to soundtrack length issues. I had to change music for copyright reasons.

    Also, Norm's link added (I think most of you have it).
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    Good stuff and well done!
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