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Thread: Where to get Leathers cleaned/conditioned??

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    This is how I've done it for over 20 years and I've never had the leather come close to rotting.

    I take them into the shower at least 2x a year.

    1. rinse them inside and out
    2. shampoo them inside and out while rubbing the leather together. Start in the middle and work out each arm/leg
    3. rinse and repeat #2 until you get a very light gray water. I usually have a lot of black in my leathers so you may get to clear water if you don't have dark colors.
    4. lay them out on some type of rack inside your house. Takes a day or two to dry completely. Don't let them stay out any longer than that, they should still be very slightly damp in some spots.
    5. use mink oil all over the outside. Put some mink on metal zippers and run the zipper up and down till its smooth.

    Haner says, You can also through them in an industrial washer, and then let them air dry.
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    My sister is sending me a couple equine tack conditioners to try from Lexington. I'll let you know how they work and the brands.

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