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Thread: Want to build a super single.

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    Want to build a super single.

    Walter have you decided or the board about the 1998 wr400f in the ex500 class or classic 500 class. For next year. Thx

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    153 views but no comments ? So Iíll throw out some other bikes that could fall into light weight racing! 250cc 2 stroke singles w/power valve. Up to 400cc 4stroke singles carbureted. Yes that Includes the drz400 I know itís listed as a big bike machine although I donít know why. All these could be listed as super stock only. For those asking why because I love to watch the AMA Harley Vance and Hines class there all so equal makes great racing. Then I saw Craig Gleasonís Yamaha 450 at Harris Hills and I Iíve been wanting to build one. Thought a 400 should still be light weight. Thx for reading!

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    This request was given to the BOD and technical advisory team a while back(few years ago,not sure exactly when) but was voted against..I will bring it back up during the next BOD meeting for you, but I will tell you those that remember have seen this built and raced against and won against sv's so that's why it was voted down last go round .

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    Mr Dominguez, thanks for putting the fire out! my money was about to burn a hole in my pocket! Sorry haven't been around long enough to have known. Guess my dream of finishing top 3 in any class with more than 3 entries is shot down. Seriously a 450 would definitely run with a sv 650. I own a sv and have owned many 450s I completely understand. That said a drz400 is nowhere in that realm. You would be hard pressed to get a stock drz400 to 100. and a pipe and jet kit might get you a true 100. so that brings us to the yz400f and wr400f with the goal of reaching 110mph yes both would do that, weighing in 100 plus pounds lighter than a r3, rc390 and almost 200# on a cbr500r. Then theres the 250 two stroke single bone stock w/power valve ain't reaching 100+ without some help! I'll venture to say "NO" to these machines! But, Now we come to the yz, kx, rmz, sxc and crf 250 four stroke single fuel injected with pipe, and power commander not quite 40hp . Carbureted in the low 30's both weighting 100# less than the previously mentioned. That sounds pretty nice to me light weight and light power. I did see where we allow the wr250r in with the E superstock which is cool. But we put the crf250, yz250f (I assume kx250f, rmz250, and sxf250) in with a crf450 (which I also assume means all the other 450's). which means they would race against the 60+hp sv 650 and fz 07's. There is an abundance of these 250's out there and there relatively cheap! get some supermoto wheels safety wire it and you have a $2500 dollar ulgp bike. Get road and track to shorten the suspension and really be all that plus change. For $2500 race tech will do the whole thing including triple clamp for steeper head angle and new fork bottom for stiffer brake caliper mount. And this all comes to my mind because I wanted to race 500 classic on something other than a ex500. Maybe I just want to legally cheat. Tell me to go back to motocross where I stand a chance to win $.

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