Hi Walter,

I notice that the 2 practice sessions for Novice and Expert, ie big bike are at the beginning of the day, which is fine, but might cause some issues for folks turning up during the day, especially as the race at at the tail end of the day.

The rules specify that the race must be ran with 1 transponder and every rider change involves a change in bike and a change in transponder.

For the 2 morning practice sessions:

1. Do all competitors have to sign the entry form before we can all get the tech sticker for entering morning practice on super teams? If not, can 1 person enter, pay the full fee, practice, then the other person can sign the form later and change the entry if they don't make practice? I'm thinking for folks that might turn up at 12 noon, skip practice and then do the race at 3.15pm. I know everyone is meant to be at the morning riders meeting to compete, but for folks who are traveling in Saturday morning, it gives them this option and might increase overall participation. The only way around this might be to have the practice sessions right before the super teams race, but it might make the schedule messy.

2. In practice, if everyone on the team wants to practice at the same time, they cannot share a responder. Do they just need to have a working transponder mounted, or is the transponder mounting rules relaxed for Novice and Expert superteams practice on Saturday? There will be cases where some people want to enter and don't own a transponder and don't want to rent one just for 2 practice sessions.

Thank you, Rab