We are adding something to our corner working: instead of working for cash, you can now receive a track credit to ride either Racer Practice or Track Experience on Fridays!

How it works:
- Instead of cash, riders can sign up for a track credit for pay. 1 full day of corner working =1 Friday ride credit.
- Corner working can be completed Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for ride credit.
- Ride credit is good for Friday Racer Practice OR Friday Track Experience.
- Ride credit is non-transferrable
- If a friend or spouse is working for a rider, they must declare that person's name for the ride credit.
- Pam issues the slips, and it's the rider's responsibility to turn in it to registration to receive the credit.
- Credit expires 120 days from date of issue.
- Max of 10 spots each day on Friday-Sunday to work for ride credit.

*Just a reminder, Track Experience is for track day riders only, no current or former racers.*