I received a call from a gentleman named Bill Brown. He works for HMGP Racing (formerly Historic Moto Gran Prix). They put on a couple events a year, and are going to start a series next year that caters to the older, classic, rider that wants to get track time on some awesome tracks.

Here is what he is looking for:
  • You must be around 50-years-old and up (sorry youngsters)
  • Your bike must be 2005 or older (prefer 70's/80's superbikes) nothing modern
  • Just an older racer looking for a good time at an awesome track, with a stadium full of people, with no pressures. Just for some good track day fun
  • if you have something even older, vintage, please call Bill to see how to get involved

This sounds like an awesome experience to get to go ride at COTA! Please contact Bill Brown at 706-654-1222 to sign up or with any questions you may have.

Here is their website to go check them out: