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Thread: UPDATED (12/7/18) 2019 RULE CHANGES!!

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    Cool UPDATED (12/7/18) 2019 RULE CHANGES!!

    As we work through the rule changes for 2019 I will be posting them here to give those affected as much time as possible to prepare.

    Each time this thread is updated I will change the date in the tittle. Enjoy!

    1) 500 Superbike and 500 Superstock will be split Expert and Novice for 2019

    2) Formula 3 will be replaced with 300 Superbike and Superstock Expert and Novice
    300 Superbike / Superstock
    up to 300cc water cooled twins
    up to 390cc water cooled singles

    3) ULWGP has bee reformatted to be a 500cc class with Formula rules.
    Ultra Lightweight GP
    up to 500cc water cooled twins Formula rules

    4) E Superbike and Superstock have been renamed to 250 Superbike and 250 Superstock for consistency.

    5) Ultra Lightweight Team 60 and Endurance classes for 2019 will be as follows.
    500 Classic
    300 Superstock
    250 Superstock
    Formula 4

    6) The cutoff for Modern Classic will be 2008.

    Stay tuned more to come...…..
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    Just thinking through 2019 plans, and realize I'm very late, but maybe just a clarification: why does the Team 60 *require* different bikes for the two riders? I don't see any advantage gained by being on the same bike, other than possibly transponder transfer time savings?? Seems like it would allow 2 people who only have one bike to participate without any negatives. If it's possible to broaden that race to include one-bike teams, I'd like to see it happen. If it's the transponder transfer time being seen as an advantage, then you could require that they delay for some period of time or remove and replace the transponder. Just thinking out loud. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this post.
    David B.

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