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Thread: ECR - Eagles Canyon... Here's the new layout!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis King View Post
    Is it really still that cold up there in the Canadian part of Texas?
    Int eh forecast for the next 14 days, only (1) day has a low of 70 or higher, and it is 70. I think that will actually be our first day with a low of 70 or higher this year.
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    I'd be interested to know what kind of curing compound they're applying... certainly large parts of the country don't have more than a handful of days where lows stay above 70, and they build tracks and roads just fine. What's the benefit of this process? Just genuinely curious if anyone knows.

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    'Chemistry' to accommodate cold weather increases materials cost and complication/expense of more rigorous QC during construction. Worthwhile if time is of the essence, not so much if not so much. Just comes down to client priorities.

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    Looks fantastic, hopefully they'll move our finish line out of the braking zone?! And not allow the NASCAR Late Model type cars on the track ever again?! Super stoked though, looks like fun!!!

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