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Thread: June 1 "Test and Train" Update

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    June 1 "Test and Train" Update

    Sign Ups at

    We started getting sign ups for this date which is very exciting.

    I was able to save a little bit of $ on operations so I am going to reduce the number of riders per group by 2

    For June 1 we will only sign up 28 riders per group Max.

    In addition if you have a light weight bike and a big bike, you can sign up for light weight (take a spot) and get a sticker for Intermediate or Advanced as well (Big Bikes Only). This way you are able to practice on both bikes throughout the day.

    Our goal for these "Test and Train" days is to get you seat time, and support on site to help you dial it in for your races.



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    Website doesnt appear to be working

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach Morris View Post
    Website doesnt appear to be working
    Maybe a temp glitch I am able to bring it up let me know

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    Hello All just a reminder

    1) No beginners at these days

    2) Dedicated Light Weight Group

    3) Advanced is big bikes who are under 1:55

    4) 28 Riders Per Group

    June 1 - Saturday is our first Saturday Available Day with this format.

    Our other days are selling out (with instruction) but this one is no instruction, no class, no beginners, no crowds.

    Thanks if you have any questions please let me know, thank you


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